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Indigenous Foods Systems Initiative

The ŚW̱,ȻENEṈITEL Initiative is a living entity, and is meant to embody its name through all aspects of ‘doing good work together.’


​ŚW̱,ȻENEṈITEL is led by local Indigenous peoples, informed by place based Indigenous worldviews and frameworks. ŚW̱,ȻENEṈITEL supports Indigenous-led, community and place based initiatives through grants, programs, and resources within the territories of the W̱SÁNEĆ, Lekwungen, Tsuk, and Pacheedaht. We assert ourselves as Indigenous leaders by partnering with peoples, communities, and families to fulfill our collective responsibility to care for the land.

Our aim is to foster and increase our communities’ collective work with local Indigenous food and knowledge systems. The ‘good work’ of the Initiative is based on serving the land (territories) and building relationships, following the SKÁLS and SNA’WY’ULTH.

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