"Doing Good Work Together"

Indigenous Foods Initiative

​ŚW̱,ȻENEṈITEL "Doing Good Work Together" Indigenous Foods Initiative supports the work of Indigenous-led Initiatives within the territories of the W̱SÁNEĆ, Lekwungen, Tsuk, and Nuučaanuł nations, specifically in the area of Pacheedaht. The region of this initiative is currently within the colonially created boundaries of the CRD (Captal Regional District), and the work centres building relationships with the peoples in the communities who are most impacted by disruption and destruction of Indigenous foods systems. Our relationship building work is ongoing, and our learning to deepen our  understanding practice of protocols is ongoing, as well. For away from home Indigenous relatives in our territories, we share our resources to support the knowing of SKÁLS (laws of the land). We also thrive through our relationship with community organizations who aim to reach further in connecting and sharing resources with the local Indigenous peoples.

ŚW̱,ȻENEṈITEL works in partnership with CRFAIR, Victoria Foundation and Horner Foundation