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Indigenous Foods Systems Initiative


Indigenous-led Place Base Granting

The ancestral knowledge and ways exist today and it is our responsibility to lead with and practice them - in the Long House, on the tə́ŋəxʷ | tumulhw, and with each other.

Connection to place, to food, and to Indigenous ways of relating, being and speaking remind us of who we are (xʷílŋəxʷ | hulmulhw) and where we want to be (tə́ŋəxʷ | tumulhw). We are constantly finding ways to keep who we are intact and learn from our experiences.

Colonial intrusion of Indigenous lands has dehumanized Indigenous cultures and sustenance economies, where definitions of wealth, currency, and value are undermined. Colonialism has introduced a foreign economy and currency to Indigenous lands and communities that has forced poverty into our lives. Money is a deliberate barrier imposed on Indigenous peoples as a tool of colonization.

Our understanding of wealth, as Indigenous peoples, reflects the land itself, where our economies are based in abundance rather than exploitation and scarcity.

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